Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ever been to a land where the shadow of history still commands attention
Where gentle taps on a drum still remind its people of their sweats and how far they’ve come
Where the path that once led them out is now a beauty to behold
Where the look on their faces say hope never dies, even as young souls leave early for the skies
Where smiles are from deep down the heart, as piercing through adversity
Where the worst was never feared, when the whole world never cared
A land where courage is boldly spelt with the colors of their skin
Where truth has never been afraid to lie flat inside their mouth
Where the trees, the grasses and the hills are known for their very own
Where the cries of both the young and old are history’s deepest fear
Where freedom from oppression remains the only song to hear

If someday you need a tour of this place, come to me
Because this land.. is where I am from….AFRICA

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